Bridgepoint Education Introduces Rockies Mobile: An iPhone App for University of the Rockies Coursework, Faculty Contact and Class Info
Platform-specific Application to be Beta-tested with Rockies Students in 2010-11


Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (NYSE: BPI), a provider of postsecondary education services focused on providing higher access to higher education, announced today that University of the Rockies, a graduate school specializing in psychology programs at the master’s and doctoral levels, has introduced Rockies Mobile. With this new app, the university has taken another step in the march of technological excellence.

With more than 30 percent of Rockies students using an iPhone or other Apple-based mobile device, a platform-specific application like Rockies Mobile meant a third of the student body could be provided with seamless online campus interaction with one app. This new app will allow students to connect with courses, post to discussions, follow threads, interact with instructors, monitor school news and events, and stay on top of enrollment, academic and financial considerations. Testing for general use has begun, and Rockies Mobile will be available for free through the Apple store.

“Rockies Mobile is a forward-thinking initiative that aims to optimize the online classroom experience for mobile devices,” stated Dr. Charlita Shelton, University of the Rockies president. “This app provides students a new means of connecting with the learning environment and access to essential university services on the go.”

The patent usefulness of Rockies Mobile will continue to grow as more students and faculty come to rely upon smart phones to manage their affairs. According to a recent University of the Rockies student survey, over 95 percent of Rockies students claim average or better comfort with technology in general, and almost 40 percent have accessed class information with their mobile device already. Almost 50 percent of students’ smart phones have apps, and an average of 23 are loaded onto each University of the Rockies student’s handheld.

Rockies Mobile is the university’s first classroom-support mobile application. More apps are being considered for more devices, which will mean further upgrades to the student experience, and enhanced interaction with the online campus from off-site. 

About Bridgepoint Education
Bridgepoint Education’s postsecondary education services focus on offering associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in such disciplines as business, education, psychology, social sciences and health sciences. Bridgepoint Education’s regionally accredited academic institutions – Ashford University and University of the Rockies – deliver their programs online as well as at traditional campuses located in Clinton, Iowa, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more information about Bridgepoint Education, visit or call Shari Rodriguez, associate vice president of Public Relations, at 858.668.2580. 

About University of the Rockies

University of the Rockies is a graduate school specializing in master's and doctorate degree programs in psychology. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (, classes are offered online and at the University's Colorado Springs, Colorado, campus. For more information, please visit or call Shari Rodriguez, associate vice president of Public Relations, at 866.621.0124 x2513.