Bridgepoint Education Forms its Circle of Excellence; A Key Group of Strategic Advisors

Bridgepoint Education has formed the Circle of Excellence; a group of strategic advisors that have proven instrumental to the company’s growth.

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Clark inducted the first three members of the Circle of Excellence: Robert Hartman, Richard Kintz, and Ryan Craig.

He also made a donation in each of their names to the Polinsky Children’s Center, which supports children who need emergency shelter due to a hostile home environment.

“It is with great pride that I name each of these men as members of our Circle of Excellence. Each of them believed in our vision to provide a greater spectrum of people with a quality education, and they have been instrumental to our success as a firm,” he said.

Andrew Clark, CEO of Bridgepoint Education. “I look forward to adding more members as our company continues to grow and prosper,” he added.

Mr. Clark added that it was only appropriate to honor them with donation to a cause that helped change lives positively; the ethos that Bridgepoint was founded on. The three men received the distinction at Bridgepoint’s holiday gala, held on December 6th in San Diego. 

About Bridgepoint Education

Based in San Diego, Bridgepoint Education was founded on the principle that anyone who is academically prepared deserves access to higher education without sacrificing quality, transferability of credits, accessibility, academic standards, or credentials. As an independent, private higher education company, Bridgepoint is committed to serving the millions of adults seeking an affordable alternative to high priced higher education. Bridgepoint Education subsidiaries provide both traditional and online education offerings, in addition to recruiting and admissions services. Our comprehensive education services have helped thousands of students improve their lives and careers through higher education. Bridgepoint Education was named by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing private education company in the United States. For more information, please visit us at or contact: Jessica Caris, Director of Public Relations, at 800.798.0584 Ext 2515