NMU’s Global Campus Expands Tutoring Services for Distance Education Students

Marquette, Mich, June 30, 2020 - The Global Campus at Northern Michigan University has begun offering 24/7 tutoring to all distance education students free of charge through TutorMe. TutorMe has over 300 subjects available for students. With highly trained and qualified tutors that can be accessed, on average, in under 30 seconds.

NMU’s Global Campus has dozens of online programs for both undergraduate and graduate students to fit a wide variety of educational needs. The Global Campus is continually adding to its offerings that are available 100% online, and the services available to distance education students are expanding.

Global Campus students connect to TutorMe through a dedicated online Student Union. The online community is where students can get all the supports that NMU’s tradit ional on-campus students receive, which now includes compressive tutoring services. Tutoring was available to distance education students before the partnership with TutorMe. However, there were limitations to overcome to support students who may not be able to study around traditional schedules. TutorMe offered services that fit the needs of the Global Campus student.

“We know the students who are learning with us, from a distance, are leading hectic lives. Some students do many of their studies late into the night or early mornings when distractions are at a minimum. 24/7 tutoring is the only way the student would be able to receive help,” states Brad Hamel, director of Global Campus Operations.

“We are excited to partner with Northern Michigan University and help contribute to the success of their students. Students today expect service when they need it, and TutorMe is there when they need the help,” said Myles Hunter, CEO, and co-founder of TutorMe.

As the number of programs and the student population grows for the NMU Global Campus, it is critical to have the services that students demand to stay relevant and competitive. Robust online student services that include tutoring helps keep students successful and lowers the stressors. Hamel stresses that “Student success is our top priority, and TutorMe will be key to helping our Global Campus students meet their educational goals.”

About TutorMe
TutorMe is the online tutor of the future—as a leading provider of online tutoring, the platform connects students with highly-qualified tutors on average in less than 30 seconds. TutorMe provides instruction via video chat, screen sharing, and virtual whiteboards archived for fu ture reference. They work with learners and parents from K-12 to higher education, either directly or through partnerships with academic institutions or via employer-provided benefits. TutorMe is part of the Zovio (Nasdaq: ZVO) network.