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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The back-to-school season is usually a happy time for parents and students. But this year, traditional rituals like stocking up on school supplies, buying that first-day outfit, and learning new teacher's names may look a bit different. One thing won't be changing—students will have homework, tests, and challenging courses, and they'll need help. Whether it's chemistry or Camus, TutorMe can help. TutorMe offers instant access to thousands of highly-qualified tutors on more than 300 subjects for elementary through college-age students.

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For parents, supporting their children through last-minute transitions to distance learning earlier this year was challenging enough. But now, thousands of families are preparing to face another school year that will be all or partly online. This compounds the stress many students and families are already under. According to the U.S. Department of Education, over half a million students drop out of high school each year. As students fall behind, it becomes harder to get caught up, and students struggle. With TutorMe's services, you can stop the backslide before it starts.

How it Works

Tell TutorMe what subject you need help with, and the smart matching system will connect you with an online tutor in seconds. Once you're connected, you and your tutor will work in the virtual lesson space with a virtual whiteboard, audio and video chat, screen sharing, and more. TutorMe can support students at every stage of their educational journey from sixth-grade science to college-level calculus.

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TutorMe offers a suite of services designed for learners of any age. A study of New York charter schools showed high-dosage tutoring—groups of six students or less, multiple times per week—contributed significantly to increased GPAs and better test scores. Some students have access to this kind of intensive tutoring through their school, but for students who don't have in-class access to tutoring due to remote learning, staying caught up can be a challenge. Though some colleges are moving to waive standardized test requirements, a good GPA is still an important factor in college admissions. With TutorMe, you get access to tutors that can help keep that GPA high, 365 days a year, 24/7, online.

All TutorMe communication takes place on TutorMe's secure platform, so any personal information is protected. Visit www.TutorMe.com and get 30 minutes of free tutoring when you sign up. TutorMe has helped over 314,000 students. Join them today!

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TutorMe is the online tutor of the future—as a leading provider of online tutoring, the platform connects students with highly-qualified tutors in, on average, less than 30 seconds. TutorMe provides instruction via video chat, screen sharing, and virtual whiteboards archived for future reference. They work with learners and parents from K-12 to higher education, either directly or through partnerships with academic institutions or via employer-provided benefits. TutorMe is part of the Zovio network.

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Virtual whiteboards allow for real-time collaboration.


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